Gold Greek Lesbian Resort

Published April 24, 2012 by beautifulbrae

Sky Shot of GGLR

Gold Greek Lesbian Resort. Sky View.

What can I say about GGLR? Some could say that I’m a regular or the pain in the ass resident of GGLR, but only 1 thing I could say about GGLR, is that I enjoy being here. The Owner of GGLR is none other then Hera Emms. Hera is very outgoing and loving person, once you get to know her. She runs GGLR with the help of Savana Seda, Addison Carlucci (Forgive me if spelling is off),  Nailah Juliesse, and many more.  This is the place where women can interact with each other with out the worries of harrassment for whom they are. 

GGLR is by far, in my own opinion the best option for me to find a place of fun. The dancefloor is constantly filled from time to time.

Like here, the dance floor. From Left to Right. Myself, Clohe, Effy, KitKat (Katiana), Kandiie, Justin, Kay, and Bliss. They and I like I stated are regulars here. GGLR allows boi avies, but must be voice verified. When you come here don’t fret about “male avi’s” They have to get by the gate supervisors we call the Greeters. They verify if you are a lady at the gate… which looks similar to this:

Here is where you see most of the time when you first come to GGLR. The train is on the left, and is very well made. Contrary to popular belief, you can not ride the train unfortunately.. Believe me I tried!!!!

To the right of the “gate” is a very well known landmark as GGLR is set as a NYC theme. The Statue of Liberty is very well portrayed here:

Of course I’m biased when it comes to GGLR. I mean who wouldn’t be? I’ve been coming here for close to 2 years now.

There are many other things you can possibly do.. But it would take years to even remotely list them. On Fridays from 5-9 pm slt we have events. LARGE events where usually a cash prize is given for best outfit that is set for the theme!

Also on Saturdays from 5-7 pm slt, Dj Sav holds the Formal. One of my favorite days is saturday, I can dress pretty with out people asking me what was the special event for!  LOL Of course everyone knows I rarely wear formal gowns unless its for the formal.

There is also GREAT photography opportunities here. From Trees, to Squirrels, from the Lake, to the Pubs.. and EVEN a Starbucks with voice.. many things are possible from GGLR..

Many fun to be had from GGLR!!

Iffn You want to join in to the fun take this SLURL.. (and if your a woman XD):


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